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Rise+Shine bedding has a proven track record of operating professional bedding retail stores and providing our customers a complete bedroom solution. We have developed exclusive products that enable you to maintain a healthy final margin. When you combine that with the professional management and sales training we give every Franchisee, and business setup and marketing assistance, it is easy to become you own boss and reap the rewards from this huge industry.

We are proud of our ability to source and develop some of the best furniture and bedding ranges in the industry. Our buying power and our ability to react quickly and be flexible allows us to source exclusive product at very competitive prices that have an advantage over our competitors.
We currently operate in Victoria, Australia but are looking to expand throughout Australia.

Our Industry

Our industry is becoming increasingly specialized with independent furniture and bedroom retailers becoming rare or joining a group. The large and successful bedroom retailers belong to a group to ensure they can have their own mattress ranges and can differentiate their products.

Become a part of this $2,500 mil (2009) bedding retail industry and enjoy the rewards today.

Multiple Revenue Streams

With four main streams of revenue:

  • Master bedroom mattress and furniture sales;
  • Second bedroom / kids bedroom sales;
  • Local accommodation industry sales, and
  • Linen / Quilts / General Accessories / Giftware sales

you will be able to generate repeat business and be positioned at every viable point of profit in our industry.

Franchisor Assistance

You will get great support in establishing your business. If you are opening a new store, the Franchisor assists with everything from site location and lease negotiations, to store planning and stock selection. The Franchisor also provides proprietor training and sales staff training, as well as marketing support.

Marketing Support

Marketing material exists for launching your new business, such as press, radio and TV commercials and material is produced for all members for monthly marketing campaigns.

No Previous Experience Necessary!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in sales or this industry before as we provide full training and support at every step of the way. We make it easy to establish a new business or convert your existing retail business into a rise+shine bedding store.

Proprietor Training

Proprietors are trained on-site in a major suburban store and are provided with a comprehensive operating manual.Assistance is provided for all aspects of the business and is structured to offer the franchisee support that is tailored to their individual needs.

Sales Staff Training

A professional sales training package is available that can be tailored for novice or experienced sales staff that may have sales experience but are new to the furniture and bedding industry. This can include a qualified Chiropractor or Physiotherapist training, sales theory and practice in a busy suburban store and product knowledge training.

Site Selection, Fit-out and Opening Assistance

When you join rise+shine, we provide assistance with store design and set up, internal and external signage, fit out, merchandising and can advise you on your initial stock orders so that you can open a professionally presented store.

Marketing Material

We understand the value of building the rise+shine brand and its image of modern style at great prices. We achieve this by being abreast of the trends in bedroom furniture, having stylish dcor, inspirational displays and advertising that appeals to our target customer.

We have a comprehensive range of marketing collateral including point of sale material, radio, press and TV commercials ready for you to use to help launch your store. We have also developed other marketing collateral that can be used on an on-going basis to continually promote your business.

Partners & Family

There’s always room to include partners and family members to help with your rise+shine bedding business. Having family involvement and support can be a real bonus to all.


If you have a retail business, especially a furniture or bedding business, we make it easy to re-brand to a rise+shine store. We can assist with store layout, marketing and staff training to make the change as painless and quick as possible. Stores need to meet minimum presentation standards and these can be discussed and costed prior to the re-branding.

Networking with your Peers

Rise+shine bedding members meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss trends and upcoming marketing campaigns. Having the support of peers that have experienced the same issues as a new member will experience can be invaluable and can save you from making costly mistakes.

Why blaze a new trail with its inherent risks and uncertainty when you can travel comfortably on a road already paved by your peers and the franchisor?

What do you need to be a rise+shine bedding member?

  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Common Sense
  • Working Capital

Investment Criteria

For a new store the amount of capital required will be largely influenced by the size of the store and the lease costs. Most stores are 500 – 1000 square metres in size although both smaller and larger stores operate successfully in our group. As a guide, $100K – $300K is required to start up a new franchise.

Franchisee Finance

Because you are joining an established group with a proved business model, exclusive product and marketing collateral, the franchisor can help you obtain finance to establish your new business. Franchise finance is available to approved applicants.

Overseas Enquiries

We are fielding many enquiries from overseas business people looking for better rewards and opportunities in Australia. Whilst the rest of the developed world is going through a post GFC downturn, the Australian economy continues to boom.

We are more than happy to talk to overseas investors and entrepreneurs about the wonderful opportunities here in Victoria. Our office is open from 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. To find out the local time in Melbourne Australia right now follow this link:

Call us on +61 3 9317 3445 or email us at:

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Contact the Franchisor on 03 9317 3445 now and start exploring the possibilities today!