Ecopedic – Firm/Medium/Luxury

Product Description

EcoPedic is the latest European innovation to reach the Australian mattress market. It is made from four specially contoured layers of 100% natural Soy based foam. Unlike most foams which are made from petrochemicals, this product is made from Soy beans.

The advantages are many, but include:

  • made from a 100% natural, renewable product;
  • has natural anti allergy properties;
  • has an ‘open cell’ structure that breathes, allowing air to flow through the mattress to stay cooler and drier for a healthier sleep;
  • has computer designed contoured layers of different densities of foam to relieve pressure whilst maintaining correct spinal support.

The EcoPedic range is further enhanced by a natural, plant based fibre cover that is less moisture absorbent than alternative fabrics, is biodegradable and renewable. If you would like to minimise your environmental footprint, but still get the comfort and support you need, then the EcoPedic range is sure to impress you!
Available in all sizes.

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