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Our mattresses have a special support layer that is contoured to match the curves of your body. It’s made from 100% Australian made foams and manufactured here in Australia. At 270 mm deep, it’s thicker than ALL of our major competitors to provide better support.


Ideal mattress will be perfect for you, because you we’ve based it on the best selling mattress range in our retail stores. The mattress is Firm-Medium on one side and Medium – Soft on the other, so you can choose your Ideal comfort setting, in your home! Our mattresses are 100% Australian Made, by a wholly 100% Australian Owned company

Value for money

We cut out the middle man, we don’t pay massive rents for huge shops and huge salaries and commissions to pushy sales people. You buy direct and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!


Your Ideal mattress is made from special high tech materials, designed to last. It’s been tested for durability, comfort and sagging. It’s not just great, it’s guaranteed for 12 Years!

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Their Mattress

Size: 25 – 25.4cm

Only one comfort feel. What if it doesn’t suit you?

Standard delivery service

Your Ideal Mattress

Size: 27cm high. More mattress = more comfort!

Choose your Ideal Comfort!

Medium Firm on one side & Medium to Soft on the other!

Concierge delivery service. Have input into where and when
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