Standard mattress sizing

Sizes Metric Imperial
King  183cm x 204cm  6’0″ x  6’8″
Queen  153cm x 204cm  5’0″ x  6’8″
Double  138cm x 188cm  4’6″ x  6’2″
King Single  107cm x 204cm  3’6″ x  6’8″
Single  92cm x 188cm  3’0″ x  6’2″

Whilst these are the standard mattress sizes made in Australia, if you have special requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask your nearest store and we may be able to help.

A note on furniture measurements…Please note that all measurements are to the nearest cm and are accurate as of the time of publishing. The measurements are given as a guide only.

Measurements are given in the following order: Width (w) Height (h) and Depth (d). The width is always measured across the unit when looking at the front.

When listing the height of dressing tables, both the height of the chest and the overall height which includes the mirror are given.

Manufacturers reserve the right to make changes without notice. If you are space sensitive, always ask the store to confirm the measurements of your furniture prior to ordering them.

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